Rivers’ mockery of democracy, slide to anarchy and why the President must intervene, by Dakuku Peterside


1. I have watched with shock, disgust, and disbelief the ongoing ugly descent into anarchy of governance and public affairs and the naked display of anti-democratic and anti-people actions by some political actors in Rivers State.

2. From the reported defection of 27 supposed Honourable members of Rivers State House of Assembly to the demolition of the permanent site of the Assembly complex for renovation, there is no better phrase to describe what my Rivers State has become other than a shameful state of anomie. We see there a ranked display of mockery of democracy and mindless destruction of everything democracy by the same people who should be defending it.

3. It is sad that in the past few weeks, the peace, stability, and development of the state have been sacrificed on the altar of selfish political agenda, ego, and narrow interests of a few.

4. It is clear from these political actors’ utterances and body language that the only goal dictating their actions is controlling the soul of Rivers State to the detriment of the state’s people. The people and their interests have been relegated to the background, whilst political jobbers hold the state on a knife-edge.

5. Many of our past patriotic leaders sacrificed a lot to build a peaceful, united, and prosperous Rivers State, which these handful of political actors seek to destroy. Rivers people would resist this brigandage, and I urge them to do so urgently. Posterity is going to judge all of us.

5. At this point, as a leader and stakeholder in the affairs of Rivers State who has personally invested a lot in the development of our dear state, I call on the President and Commander in Chief to intervene and save Rivers from going up in flames. Mr President should note that Rivers State is gradually sliding into total anarchy. As a statesman, he cannot afford to fold his hands and watch the destruction of the state and institutions of democracy.

6. Mr President, at this point, must place the interest of Rivers State and the people of Rivers State above every other consideration.

7. I appeal to all genuine elders and well-meaning youths of the state to oppose the politics of destruction and personality cults. We should be in favour of politics of good governance and inclusive development.

Dr Dakuku Peterside
13 December 2023


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