Reinstatement: FUOYE tackles sacked lecturers for ‘misleading public over court order’


The Media team of the Management of the Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE), has faulted claims by two sacked lecturers of the institution, Dr. Akinyemi Omonijo and Professor Adeyemi Oluwagbemiga, for misleading the public about the true nature of issues they had with the University regarding their employment status and court cases.

Omonijo and Oluwagbemiga were axed for gross misconduct committed against and a breach of the University Regulations.

While Dr Omonijo had an Out-of-Court settlement over the matter leading to a notice of his reinstatment as ordered by the Industrial Court, Akure Division, the University had appealed a ruling delivered in favour of Oluwagbemiga at the appellate court.

But rather than setting the record straight, the two sacked lectuers had gone to the media to falsely accuse FUOYE of disobeying a court order which mandated their reinstatement.

But in a swift reaction, FUOYE Management, through its media team, faulted the false claims by Omonijo and Oluwagbemiga, insisting that the duo had been reculcitrant and untruthful in the matter.

The Management said while Omonijo had failed to honour terms of settlement provided by the University Council as a pre-condition for his full reinstatement, the court’s ruling in favour of Adeyemi was already being challenged at the appellate court of which he was fully aware until the final determination of the appeal.

Thus, Oluwagbemiga would not rightly claim that the University had failed to honour the court’s judgement regarding his reinstatement.

Besides, Oluwagbemiga was not a party to the consent judgement which involved Omonijo.

Specifically, the FUOYE media team also noted that Thisday newspapers which published the misleading information did not contact FUOYE for its own side of the story being peddled by Omonijo and Oluwagbemiga, contrary to the principle of fair hearing and the ethics of journalism.

FUOYE said that the latest action of Omonijo and Oluwagbemiga, which had again spread yet another falsehood to the public through the media, amounted to a deliberate act of bringing the great Ivory Tower into disrepute.

It is also a clear testament to the fact that they are pretenders, utterly dishonest, unrepentant and never interested in any genuine reconciliation.

This was part of the infractions against the University and the local branch of Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) committed by Omonijo and his co-travellers in 2018 which led to the disintegration of the Union in FUOYE and other unpalatable developments that culminated in the indefinite suspension of the duo by the Management to allow peace to reign, and their eventual dismissal and termination of appointment respectively.

The media team advised Omonijo and his co-travellers to stop rushing to the media to misinform and mislead the public as they are the ones trying to be clever by half by evading proper reconciliation terms of settlement as spelt out by the University Regulations.

Reacting further, FUOYE media team said that it is only rational for the University Council to ask Omonijo to assure the system that he would, henceforth, adhere to the Rules and Regulations of the University before his reinstatement fully with a view to forestalling a repeat of the unfortunate incidents orchestrated by Omonijo and his co-travellers from 2018 which gave the immediate past administration unnecessary headaches and hiccups.

What is expected of Omonijo in accordance to the Rules of Engagement of the University? FUOYE Governing Council directed Omonijo to append his signature to the terms of reference which would ensure that he puts up good behaviour and remain law-abiding before he is fully reinstated.

This was to prevent a repeat of the unfortunate incident that led to their sack as the duo have gained notoriety for unruly behaviour as Union leaders on the campus with their recalcitrant behaviour having constituted nuisance and chaos, causing unnecessary tensions on the serene Campus of the University.

Dr. Omonijo breached the university rules and regulations in many respects for which he was duly sanctioned by the University Council.

The University Council, as a law abiding organ of the University which comprises people of high integrity from various walks of life, will not do anything to compromise the rule of law.

However, the Council, in its considered opinion, is not asking for too much by demanding that Dr Omonijo should sign an undertaking to be of good conduct as part of the requirements for his full reinstatement.

This does not in anyway violate the terms of the out-of- court settlement for his reinstatement. While court directed his reinstatement, Council has a responsibility to effect the judgement in line with our administrative procedures and obligations.

The Council is in possession of informed legal opinions that it is not the intention of the court to override or suspend the laws of the University in the execution of the out-of-court settlement.

Moreover, similar cases occurred whereby those involved also penned an undertaking to the Council before their reinstatement.

These people have already resumed.

As far as the University Council is concerned, we have duly complied with the court’s directive. But will always ensure that the rules and regulations of the university are protected against any infraction by its members of staff. Their latest action is an affront to the University Council and will be handled appropriately.

E-signed for Management
Foluso Ogunmodede
Public Relations Officer


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