Pertussis affects 300, kills 2 children in Afghanistan


Abdul Hakim Hakimi, the provincial public health director in Afghanistan’s southern Zabul province said a total of 300 people mostly children have been affected by pertussis or whooping cough

Hakimi said two children have died of the disease.

“The disease which has erupted in Suri district of the province has been affecting at least 300 people, mostly children, and has claimed the lives of two children over the past week,’’ he said.

Hakimi said an emergency team of health officials had been sent to the district to treat those infected with the disease.

The public health office of the province has asked the people not to leave their places for a few days to avoid further outbreaks of the transmissible illness.

Pertussis is a highly contagious respiratory disease known for uncontrollable violent coughing that often makes breathing hard to breathe.


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