PDP Reps Caucus to Buhari: Your anti-graft war should be holistic


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Caucus in the House of Representatives on Wednesday urged the Federal Government to adopt a holistic approach in its fight against corruption.
The group made the call in a news conference in Abuja.
Addressing the conference on behalf of the caucus, its spokesman, Rep. Rima Kwewum (Taraba) stressed that the anti-corruption crusade of the present administration required probe that was holistic.
He urged the government to focus on delivering its mandate to Nigerians and not be preoccupied by only fight against corruption.
Kwewum, however, expressed support of the caucus and PDP to the anti-corruption campaign, but said that the approach should be holistic.
“Probe should not be limited to selected citizens of the country,’’ he cautioned.
According to him, in the laws of Nigeria, corruption is a crime. A crime could have been committed ten years ago, but it is still a crime. Nobody has the power to decide on his own that a crime committed at a certain period is no longer a crime.
“A crime at any point as long as it is within our memory, as long as facts can be brought up, is a crime. This is why we are saying as a party that the fight against corruption should not have any limitation about what has happened as to time,’’ he said.
He also urged the government to ensure that perpetrators of corrupt practices were duly prosecuted.
“How can you come and say that you are not going to prosecute people because you have arbitrarily drawn a line without an amendment to the Constitution; because the Constitution has not given status of limitation.
“Any criminal activity is a criminal activity until it is investigated and its perpetrators are penalized,’’ Kwewum said.


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