PDP: Bayelsa poll by APC-sponsored Election Frontline, a fraud


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Bayelsa State has discredited a purported polling firm, Election Frontline, over its survey on the forthcoming governorship election in the state which it claimed was sponsored by the All Progressives Congress (APC).
In a statement by the Director of Publicity of the Restoration Campaign Organisation, Jonathan Obuebite, the PDP described Election Frontline as an “emergency polling firm” with no track record of having conducted any election survey anywhere and as such the whole efforts by the firm was nothing but a fraud.
Obuebite noted that the party’s checks on the firm revealed it has no fixed address and no record of any polling was found to be associated with it nor has it done anything meaningful as a corporate entity to give any semblance of a going concern that it could ever be seen as a serious organization.
“We want to alert the general public to disregard the purported polling by the so-called Election Frontline (what a name!) over the forthcoming governorship election in Bayelsa State which, obviously, was sponsored by the APC for a favourable rating.We are convinced that it was a hatchet job.
“ Our checks showed that” Election Frontline” has no address and no record of ever conducting any polling in the past. Our investigation also revealed that the survey administrator is a well-known fraudster and lacks integrity. The whole phantom election survey is a big fraud and stands discredited as we urge the public to disregard such unwholesome indulgence imagined to mislead the people”.
Obuebite stated that the survey administrator had earlier approached the PDP to conduct similar survey but was turned down as it was made clear to him that the party did not need a polling to win the election, adding that Bayelsa voters were too discerning to fall for a fake poll.
“The PDP don’t need any form of poll to help us win this election. We are a grassroots party and our candidate enjoys massive support across the length and breadth of the state. We will not only win, we will win by a very wide margin”, he stated.


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