London Attack: One suspect appears in court


michael_adebowaleMichael Adebowale one of the suspects accused of killing a British soldier in London, on Thursday appeared at the West Minster magistrate court.

Adebowale 22, is being charged with murder, and possessing a 9.44 mm KNIL model 91 revolver with intent to cause fear among onlookers and also to trigger violence.

On May 22, Adebowale, and another suspect Michael Adebolajo hacked Drummer Lee Rigby, a soldier to death in a brutal attack.

At Thursday’s short hearing, the suspect only confirmed his name, date of birth, and address, but will stand trial at “Old Bailey’’ England’s central criminal court.

Although he is expected to make a bail application by June 3rd, before a pre-trial hearing on June 28.

Adebowale who sustained injuries after being shot by police following Rigby’s murder spent six days in hospital receiving treatment.

The second suspect Adebolajo 28, is still in hospital and is believed to be seriously injured.


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