JESUS, MONEY & DIVINE ALERT, by Gabriel Akinadewo


I still don’t know why some issues become slanderous and defamatory in Nigeria. A ‘man of God’ said people would receive divine alert (simply means ‘money will enter your account miraculously’) and a Nigerian challenged him to prove how that will happen.
How does that become a police case?
As Christians, JESUS CHRIST is our Saviour, Mentor, our Great Teacher. From hamlets to villages, towns, cities and countries, he performed miracles.
JESUS also proved that ‘divine alert’ was possible.
When he got to Capernaum, some tax collectors wanted to embarrass him. JESUS did not lament at all. He did not call on law enforcement agents to rescue him.
In Matthew 17:27, he ordered Peter to go to the sea, take up a fish, open the mouth, take the money there and ‘SETTLE THOSE CHARACTERS’ (Emphasis mine).
So, if somebody tells the ‘man of God’ to prove how this ‘divine alert’ will work, where is the slander here? I still don’t know why he was arrested and detained for hours.
In II Kings 7, Prophet Elisha also proved that ‘FOOD ALERT’ was possible. In fact, a government official, who said it was not possible, was crushed to death by the crowd in Samaria.
Luke 1: 37 says ‘For with GOD, nothing shall be impossible’.
Somebody shout HALLELUYAH! IYE!! HOSANNAH!!!


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