Gbagbo’s party accuses Quattara of crippling democracy in Cote d’Ivoire


laurent_gbagboThe Ivorian Popular Front (FPI) party of former Ivorian President, Laurent Gbabgo has accused President Alassane Quattara of engaging in acts crippling democratic ideals in the country.

A statement by the party’s spokesman, Dr Richard Kodjo, in Abidjan on Friday said the president was gradually usurping the powers of other arms of government and institutions of democracy.

Kodjo said the passage of a law on April 10, empowering the president to take decisions unilaterally on matters concerning the economy was undemocratic.

Ouatarra had sought a legal backing from the National Assembly for a free-hand to act on social and economic issues in 2013.

The law gives the president power to implement programmes, aimed at driving the nation’s post-war recovery.

“The implication is that the issue of check and balance which is crucial in a democracy has been thrown overboard.

“The president now has the power to act unchecked, it is not a good signal to the democracy the current administration claims to represent,’’ he said.

The party accused the Ivorian National Assembly of abandonment of duties, saying: “ abandoning its responsibilities to the executive is to us a disservice to Ivorians.

“The beauty of democracy lies greatly on the efficiency and vibrancy of the legislature and not one that will relinquish its powers to the executive,’’ he said.

The law has generated serious debate among the political class in the country.

The Ouattara-led government has argued that the law will engender speedy implementation of economic programmes in the aftermath of the political crisis.


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