Day of African Child: CBAAC projects beauty of African culture

The Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilisation (CBAAC) on Tuesday celebrated and projected the African culture in commemoration of the 2023 Day of African Child.
The Day of the African Child is celebrated annually on June 16.
Its aim is to commemorate the SOWETO children’s uprising of 1976, during which thousands of South African students protested the apartheid government’s use of Afrikaans as their language of instruction in Bantu schools.
The event with the theme, “African Culture: African Pride”, held at the University of Ibadan.
Children from various schools engaged in indigenous dances, news casting in local languages and quiz competitions, while they learnt vital aspects of African culture.
Chief Oluwabunmi Amao, Director-General, CBAAC,  said that the center had deliberately brought children from diverse backgrounds together to celebrate their unique cultures as well as foster understanding and appreciation.
Amao was represented by Mr David Uzuegbu, CBAAC’s Head of Ibadan Operations.
She said the event served as an avenue for young minds from secondary schools within Ibadan to showcase their understanding of their rich culture and heritage, through traditional dances and indigenous news casting.
She said that the theme of the program was inspired by the urgent need to refocus attention on African’s  eroding culture, norms and values.
She said this was by way of reorientation and socialization of the values, attitudes of adolescents and the need to make them take pride in their rich cultures.
“It must be noted that the negative behaviors observed among our youths in the recent times, due to decayed value system has assumed a very worrisome dimension.
“Our children’s mindsets need to be transformed and guided to the right direction, from the current negative trends.
“Our culture is strong enough to build and imbibe a good character in our children in order to become great in the future,” she said.
Amao explained that CBAAC had been saddled with the mandate of preserving, promoting and propagating the cultural heritage of Black and African people globally.
She said this is usually done through arts exhibition, cultural festivals, performance, conferences, lectures, workshops among others.
“Through our numerous activities, the center has continued to contribute to the pool of universal knowledge on Black and African people,” she said
Some of the children in cultural dance display during CBAAC’s 2023 commemoration of Day of African Child
Speaking on the need to uphold African culture of respect, Alhaja Odunola Lawal, who was the ‘Mother of the Day’, said,  “You all must behave like true African children, cultivate the habit of being respectful, and appreciating others”.
Also, Dr Seyifunmi Olutayo, Director, Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan, urged children to learn and emulate the culture, norms and values of the land.


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