Conduct of Ekiti LG poll, a promise kept, says Fayose


Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose, has said the successful conduct of the local government election by his administration is a promise made to the people that has been kept.
Fayose, who spoke in Afao-Ekiti on Saturday, said he was glad that he was the first governor in the South-West geo-political zone to conduct local government election in the last few years.
The governor, who described the use of caretaker committees to run local government system as an aberration, said the hallmark of a genuine democrat was allowing people to express their choice on who governs them.

“It is an electoral promise by my administration and we have fulfilled
the promise. Today, we stand out as the state that has conducted local
government election. We did not expect the unpopular All Progressives
Congress to take part in the election.

“It is important that we do not usurp the rights of our people.
Despite APC’s plan to use court to stop the election, the people came
out to vote.

The APC people are afraid because they did not want to suffer huge
electoral loss again. We won all seats in the general elections and we
are winning all the 16 chairmanship and the 177 councillorship seats.
The APC are not on ground and they have failed woefully in the state,”
he said.

The governor added that to assist as many people as possible, the incoming councillors would use N20,000 out of their monthly salaries to empower two persons in their wards.

On the financial situation in the country, Fayose accused the APC-led Federal Government of double standards as far as the issue of oil subsidy is concerned.

“When President Goodluck Jonathan wanted to remove subsidy, the APC were on the street. They failed to see reason and played politics of
inciting the people against the government.

Now, they want to remove the same subsidy and I challenge labour
leaders at federal and state levels to defend the future of the
country,” he stated.

Fayose also warned those conspiring against his government, saying his
return to power was divine and that such conspiracy would fail.


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