Chieftaincy tussle: Gov kicks as masquerades invade palace


Governor Darius Ishaku of Taraba State, on Friday, condemned the invasion of the palace of the Chief of Zing by some aggrieved masquerades.
The invasion is in protest against the government’s recent appointment of Mr. Linus Ibrahim as the Acting Kpanti Zing, following the death of Chief Abbas Sambo.
Ishaku made the condemnation in Jalingo while addressing 22 kingmakers of Zing Traditional Council, who visited him to complain about the activities of the masquerades in the chiefdom.
He directed that the kingmakers and the masquerades must follow the laid down procedure for the selection of the new Kpanti Zing for peace and stability in the area.

“Government will approve any person that the kingmakers select; but while doing so, laid down procedures for the selection of Kpanti Zing must be followed,” the governor warned.

He said he had always known Zing to be a peaceful community, urging the stakeholders to avoid actions capable denting their good reputation.

Earlier, Ibrahim, who was the Wazirin Zing, said the delegation visited the governor to brief him on recent developments in the chiefdom.

He noted that before now, masquerades had never invaded the palace of the chief to molest innocent people.

“We were mourning the death of Sambo, when the masquerades invaded the palace and sacked everyone, including the wives and children of the late chief.”

He said schools and markets had to close down because of the violent behaviour of the masquerades in the town.

“I am 68 years old and I have witnessed the succession of four chiefs in our chiefdom. I have never seen a disturbing situation like this.

“The only role of the masquerades, we know, is to take a newly installed Kpanti to the shrine and perform some cultural rituals”, Linus said.

The late Sambo, who was the 2015 Amirul Hajj of the state, died in the recent stampede in which more than 2,000 pilgrims died in Saudi Arabia.

Masquerades and traditionalists had demanded the immediate installation of Alhaji Bala Sambo to the throne, stressing that he is a true adherent of their customs and traditions.

Sambo is one of the four contenders for the throne.


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