Chief Detective debuts Dec 3


Journalism in Nigeria will, on December 3, achieve an important milestone with the debut of the first true crime detective magazine, aptly christened: Chief Detective.

This development is a watershed, which will, undoubtedly, rewrite the history of journalism and redefine its course into the future.



Chief Detective, which will be published monthly, seeks to re-establish the classical investigative style of reporting, which is the hallmark of journalism, and what sets it apart from every other form of writing.

The magazine is promoted by a team of crack, experienced and established investigative journalists, led by the multiple-award winning Crime Reporter/Editor, Dipo Kehinde, who has 24 years experience in investigative journalism, including remarkable stint as the pioneer Crime Editor of The Sun. Kehinde is also a winner of the BBC Prize for excellent reporting, Nigeria Media Merit Award (NMMA) – Newspaper Reporter of the Year, Diamond Award for Media Excellence (DAME) – Press Reporter of the Year, and Academy Press Award for excellence in visual arts.

The mission of Chief Detective is to assist security agencies combat crimes, protect business environment, build a safe and secure society, and raise people’s consciousness towards the transformation and advancement of Nigeria.

This brand of monthly magazine, a new genre in Nigeria, will feature the exploits of detectives and crime fighters, which is full of melodrama, sturdy adventure and high courage. It is about true crime: white collar crime, bank frauds, celebrity crime, homicide, corruption, sex crimes, prisons, justice issues, and crime studies.

As prosecutors offices nationwide are swamped by a wave of corporate criminality that has been the dark underside of the marketplace, with less attention from news outlets, the Chief Detective will also feature articles by top cops and security experts on how to prevent corporate crimes that is killing private and government businesses today.

Chief Detective will demonstrate unwavering commitment to excellence and provide consistent value for its readers and other stakeholders, while not compromising the basic tenets of journalism, which include: truthfulness, fairness, reliability, accuracy, transparency, independence, identifiable sources, verifiable reports, and strict commitment to the citizenry.






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