APGA: APC leaders are pretenders, deceivers


We cannot be fooled by the “Wolf cries”, from the ALL PROGRESSIVES CONGRESS (APC). It is total white noise, shrill and frankly annoying from a team, who claimed to have a panacea to Nigeria’s ills.
The APC are not fooling anybody. All the clamour to tar the outgoing government of gross mismanagement is a hoax to hoodwink the Nigerian electorate, while the APC bigwigs study insights into further mismanaging and menacing the Nigerian economy and population. Nigerians are not that gullible. We may not forget that the APC echelon is populated by Past Head of state, Governors, Senators, Ministers, Commissioners, Past Party chairmen, Top Government functionaries from all Nigerian cadre. These people know how to chop.
Or, is all the cry that the ‘filthy lucre’ may not be enough? Hmmmm. Understand, that The APC are masters of the predatory practice.
In-coming Vice-President Professor Osinbajo set the nation on edge last week, regarding inheriting “the worst economy ever”. Really?
That comment was a total Whoa! Then, APC Governor-Elect El-Rufai spoke on NNPC reformation. APC chairman Odigie-Oyegun chimed in with cries of ballooning National debt, even HRH Sanusi Lamido Sanusi wrote for the Financial Times on ‘his’ supposed 20 billion dollar missing money. Wolf cries. All.
Nigerians cannot fall for the diversion and derision. We will find out the truth soon enough, if it didn’t already emerge. The price of oil is 56 dollars a barrel. That is still a whole lot of money to manage Nigeria. The APC should get to work. Nigeria’s economy is far more robust today, than it has ever been. The expansion in the economy is immense from transportation, telecommunications, to power, Education, even the Arts is generating income to Nigeria. Agriculture has also enjoyed robust growth and food production has enjoyed an all time high stability. Nigeria counts on at least a 20 billion dollar remittance from its diaspora, not to talk of the old reliable Oil income. Foreign investment is also at an all time high. These are consistent revenue generating stables for Nigeria. Manage it, APC!
Most of these people howling were former PDP chieftains, who saw nothing wrong then in the massive distribution of entitlements when they held office, until they were schemed out by fellow PDP members. Then APC became their mantra for change. To scheme out their old adversaries, and continue the chopping. We are all Nigerians. Nobody’s fool.
Professor Osinbajo cannot be serious that, “this is the worst economy ever”. We, at the APGA will like to remind the Professor, that “The Rubber finally meets the road!”. Teaching and management are two different things. Where was Professor Osinbajo between 1983 to 1985, when we actually had ‘the worst economy ever?’. We forget, He was probably in an Ivory tower consistently earning his salary, while Millions of Nigerians lost their businesses because of a unilateral Government policy. Vice-President elect Osinbajo cannot attempt to remind actual hardworking entrepreneurs of that era what life was like. The current economy is 100 times better than what it was in 1983, 1985, 1987, till 2000. Osinbajo may not borrow from the Lai Mohammed playbook. Always push the alarm button. Panic may not be confused with politics.
No economy has been better managed in the last six years than Nigeria’s. With an outstanding Minister of Finance, very astute and responsive to any claims of impropriety, this nonsense about a bad economy will not stand. Given the current Finance Minister’s background, we are sure she will defend Nigeria’s economy even after her days in office. That is a consoling thought. HRH Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has hardly defended any kobo of the 163 billion naira he spent as CBN Governor.
If the APC is so altruistic of its aims, the first thing will be to demonstrate patriotism, an examplary call to national sacrifice, and advise all incoming party and government officials to forgo their salaries for the first year. They are all rich enough. They should also abrogate the Federal Capital Territory – Abuja. The biggest Federal Government bureaucratic enterprise in the federation. That will save a whole lot of whopping bureaucratic money.
El-Rufai’s altruism can start with a refund of the N5 billion he spontaneously earned as 6% fee, for designing an 84 billion naira CBN events center in Abuja, a contract awarded with all impunity by his in-law, HRH Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as CBN Governor. We wish all Nigerians had such sweet-heart deals. And the man can do no wrong in HRH Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s house. Talk about nepotism at the highest echelons.
No investigations has followed that till date. However, everybody called for Mrs. Stella Oduah’s head for over-invoicing. We live in interesting times.
The Incoming Vice-President should do a better job of re-assuring the Nigerian populace rather than sitting in policy circles dominated by a singular ethno-religious perspective. He can borrow a leaf from Mrs Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, who instead of being scared of massive Nigerian indebtedness when called to office, used her academic background, insight and pedigree from the World Bank to help Nigeria attain some financial sanity, management and acclaim in local and international circles.
Nigerians are tired of rehashing weaknesses of the NNPC, and the general economy. We know. We simply want someone who can make them better.
Didn’t Joe Igbokwe – the Lagos APC spokesman, say Buhari would perform economic wonders even if the price of oil was one dollar? Well, it is $56 dollars. We’re a long way from one dollar, and the electoral campaigns are over.
The APC cannot be a Motor Park Government. All chatter. So far the talk has outpaced any promise for the Nigerian Federation.
It is time the administration started re-assuring the Nigerian public of their intentions, not alarming us. The Bus conductor mentality must stop.
Nigerians are too smart for a pretentious Government. It is either APC can, or they cannot. 2019 is already here.
Because at the APGA, the stability and expansion of the Nigerian economy is a priority.

Okwukwe Ibiam
National Publicity Secretary


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