‘Analgesics, a silent killer’


A Pharmacist, Mr Osaretin Asowata, has urged Nigerians to desist from long-term use of painkillers or analgesics to avoid increased risk of depression and more complicated diseases.
He said this in Abuja on Monday.
According to him, analgesics are a class of drugs that relieves pain, which have different types, and are effective and safe at prescribed doses.
According to him, intake of analgesics increases brain functions and elevates the ability to experience pleasure of food and sex naturally.
Asowata explained that when taken in high doses, analgesics could lead to several complications that are detrimental to the body.
“Analgesics taken in excess can cause intestinal bleeding and liver damage. It can lead to stomach ulcer, dry mouth, urinary retention and addiction.
“It increases the risk of testosterone, estrogen and vitamin d deficiencies. It leads to constipation, nausea, vomiting and loss of concentration
“It causes abdominal discomfort, haemorrhage and esophageal ulcerations,’’ he explained.
The pharmacist stressed that the use of painkillers everyday was harmful due to the risk involved.
“Long-term use of analgesics can cause pancreatic cancer, fluid retention and heart failure. It can result to bloating, dizziness, heartburn, nervousness and coloured urine.
“It increases tightness of the chest, shortness of breath, as well as a rash that spreads quickly.
“It causes dehydration, wrinkling of the palms and could lead to hepatitis.
“It aids fatigue, kidney failure, heart failure and stroke,’’ he said.
Asowata, however, mentioned that it was important to increase the intake of water in administering of analgesics to help flush out toxins that could be introduced.


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