34 years after, jubilation in Oyo community as monarch gets beaded crown, staff of office


The ancient and serene Ado-Awaye community in the Araromi local council development area of Oyo State was in festive mood recently, as a new ruler was presented with the beaded crown and staff of office, 34 years after an interregnum.
The community is an amalgamation of two ancient settlements: Ado and Awaye.
Ado was initially founded on Ado hill around 1500 AD by an Oyo prince
named Obakoyi, the crown Prince of the Alaafin Oluaso.
While Awaye was founded at the north of Isanrin Abo river around 1815
AD by Belolari; a female line Prince of Alaafin Agboluaje of Oyo.
The two communities, however, got amalgamated sometimes in the 18th century when the fourth Alawaye  was founded near the foot of Ado hill through the permission of Alado.
Ado-Awaye is one the ancient towns in Ekun Otun Province of the Old
Oyo Empire, located at the northern part of river ogun.
Ado-Awaye, formerly a major town under the Iseyin Local Government is
presently the headquarters of the newly created Araromi Local Area
Development Council [LCDA].
The two settlements, Ado and Awaye, spread to each other and adopted a
common identity now and addressed as Ado Awaye since 18th century.
The people of Ado Awaye are mainly peasant farmers.
Since the last ruler, Olakisokun Ayisa [1961-1983], who was the 12th
on the roll call joined his ancestors in 1983, Ado Awaye had been like
a ship without a rudder, as the stool remained vacant till this year.
This was as a result of vendetta, bickering, animosity, disagreements
and disharmony which characterized most of the Oke-ogun areas.
However, due to the concerted efforts of the Alaafin of Oyo and whose
institution’s principle anchored on fairness, justice, and equity, a
candidate, among other several contestants, was unanimously chosen  by
the ruling house, Maku, and the accepted by the Alado kingmakers.
This was subsequently endorsed and approved by the state government.
It was funfair galore on the day of coronation, as indigenes and
residents rolled out the drums and besieged major streets in the
community to celebrate a new ruler, Oba Ademola Olugbile Folakanmi
Makuledoye 11, the 13th Alado of Ado-Awaye .
Shops, schools and government offices were under lock and key, as
pupils, market men and women, including workers thronged to Ojude-Oba,
venue of the coronation, in order to be part of remarkable history.
The Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi 111, who arrived the community in a long motorcade of Oke-ogun traditional rulers, and some members of the Oyo Traditional Council (Oyo Mesi), was heralded in by the elated people  who were full of praises for
what they referred to as ‘’his (Alaafin) intervention and honesty of purpose as the Permanent Chairman, Oyo State Council of Obas and
Chiefs in the appointment of their anointed to the throne.’’
In his address, Oba Adeyemi admonished traditional rulers to be above
board in personal conducts in order be a respectable dung hill.
He said traditional rulers must be seen as the symbols of the
people’s past, custodian of their history and past, upholder,
preserver of their culture and customs, epitome of cultural norms and
values of the society such as truth, discipline, courage and
According to him, ’’traditional rulers must be humble, courteous,
reconciliatory and non-partisan. He must be ‘father of all’ in words,
deeds and actions. They must show a sympathetic understanding for the
traditions, customs and religion of the people. Obas must not only be
knowledgeable in the history and customs of his people but he must
also be sympathetic to the traditional religions, festivals and rites
of his kingdom’’.
This, he noted is to ensure that Obas continue to enjoy the respect,
obedience and reverence from their people because their authorities
and power actually come from the traditions of the people.

‘’But sadly enough, over the years, some traditional rulers have shown
total disregard to traditions and customs of their people, as it is
absurd and absolutely unimaginable that  they do not have the basic
knowledge of the history and politics of their kingdom all in the name
of Western civilization’’.

‘’There is no doubt that the personality of the individuals who lead
an institution goes a long way to affect the public perceptions of
such institutions. One of the most important and valuable credentials
of an Oba is the ability to master, comprehend and relate the
traditions of origin, early and contemporary history of his kingdom
well as the workings and principles of the traditional socio-political
systems of the people’’.
The paramount who expressed dismay over the vacant stool in the
crisis-torn community which lasted thirty-four years, advised
traditional rulers in the state to desist from holding cultic meetings
which are suspicious to the government, and capable of endangering
mutual co-existence.
Said he, ‘’since 1976, I had been a crusader for the emancipation of
traditional rulers and elevation of their status from Baales to beaded
crown Obas. Some of the Baales elevated to the status of Obas and were
crowned by the Alaafin included the Aseyin of Iseyin, Sabiganna of
Iganna, Iba of Kisi. I have no grudge with any traditional ruler, but
devotedly committed to their well-beings.’’
In address, the State Governor, Senator Abiola Ajimobi, represented by
the Director, Chieftaincy Affairs of the Ministry of Local Governments
and Chieftaincy Matters, Mr. Jayeoba, said after thirty five years of
interregnum, the governor broke the jinx by ensuring that the age-long
vacant stool was filled with the appointment of Oba Olugbile, with the
support of the Alaafin of Oyo.
While urging the new ruler to promote peace and unity among all the
people of the community, Ajimobi cautioned him against acts that can
tarnish his reputation.
The governor who lauded traditional rulers, particularly the Alaafin
of Oyo for their support for his administration, reiterated the
commitment of his administration towards their welfare.
Earlier, Chairman of the coronation planning committee and one-time deputy governor of Oyo State, Chief Iyiola Oladokun, expressed deep appreciation, on behalf of the community to both the governor and the Alaafin of Oyo, for the unalloyed support, sincerity
of purpose and determination in re-written the history of the community for good.
In his acceptance speech, Oba Folakanmi pledged to dedicate his life
to the service of his people,, the community, and to commit his
knowledge, contacts, integrity and all endowments granted him by God
to the growth and development of his people and the community.
‘’As the throne is established by righteousness, I pledge to be fair
and just in all dealings for the betterment of all’’, Oba Folakanmi
The new ruler also thanked theAlaafin of Oyo for what he described as
‘’his un-quantified support’’.
The Alaafin of Oyo, accompanied by traditional rulers in Oke-ogun area
later wore the new ruler with the beaded crown after the performance
of some traditional rites. This was followed with the presentation of
staff of office by the governor’s representatives, amid jubilations by happy-looking people of the community.


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