2023: Kalu cautions campaign spokespersons against trivialities


Sen. Orji- Uzor Kalu (APC-Abia) has urged spokespersons of presidential candidates to avoid trivialities in their campaign for their principals for 2023 general election.
Kalu said this when he spoke with journalists in Abuja on Wednesday.
He said spokespersons for presidential candidates were not addressing issues as regards aspirations of their principals.
“The spokespersons are dwelling on frivolous matters and invariably de-marketing the democratic process.
” Everybody in Nigeria knows that there are four leading presidential candidates for 2023 election, but their spokespersons are not giving Nigerians the required information as regards programs and agenda of their principals on myriad of challenges facing the nation.
“What Nigerians want to hear from the four leading candidates of the four formidable political parties , is their plans on how to turn around the Nation ‘s economy for better , end insurgency , banditry, kidnapping and other forms of crimes and criminalities bedeviling the country.
”Nigerians are tired of rhetoric on personal lives of the presidential candidates as being churned out by their spokespersons who primarily should be focusing on what their principals have in stock for the people across the various sectors,” he said.
Kalu said that the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration had made impact in some areas just like any other government across the globe.
” President Buhari and his team have done their best within the last seven and half years , preparatory to quitting the stage within the next six months for another set of leaders and by extension, new ideas, policies and programs.

” Emergence of leaders at any time in the life of any country is always facilitated by circumstances and situations that are prevalent , making leaders at different times , have different challenges to face,” he said.
Kalu said that there was no any candidate on ground apart from himself in the contest for Abia North, National Assembly seat in 2023 poll.
“In 2023 it will be Kalu vs Kalu in the zone,” he said.


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