The Patriots Roundtable: Why we are involved, by Shodipe-Dosunmu


At every critical juncture of a nation state, all patriots must stake their purpose in the continuity of their country. All patriots must proclaim their position amid the conflicting national fray. All patriots must stand out, boldly identifying with some defining values and verities.

Here, there is no straddling the fence. Here, there is no distant indifference in the affairs of the state. There can be no plea of neutrality or gestural docility. There can be no self-eclipsing in the closet of the unconcerned.

This is why the Patriots Roundtable is involved.

The Nigerian Union is at a crossroads. It is weighed down by multifarious historical challenges and a bitter and pestiferous burden of the present.

There are hurdles everywhere. Voices are colliding in sometimes crude, fissiparous passion.

But we must move from the brink. We must withdraw from the destructive edge. We must steer towards compromise and the peace of the Roundtable.

Our position is borne upon necessary amity and accommodating fairness. Our guiding vision is about Truth and conscionable shepherding as the defining core of nation building.

This is the Patriots Roundtable leitmotif . Amid the holler and conflicting ideals about the Nigerian journey as our nation pivots towards the 2023 general elections, we have joined the fray to enlighten and guide, to contribute and support, to strengthen and enhance the national democratic space.


After thorough examination, sifting and sorting through the muddling melange of the presidential candidates and their ideals and promptings, we have decided to pitch camp with the Tinubu-Shettima ticket based on our vision and their vision about the indivisibility of the Nigerian Union, predicated on equity and fairness, resolved on a unifying accommodation of all members of our diverse Union, without favoritism to any tribe or sectarian recourse.

We will engage without bias. We will debate without malice. We will tussle in the intellectual fray of ideas and idealism with purposeful patriotic largeness.

We will, henceforth, advocate with vigorous assertion as an Independent Support Group for Tinubu – Shettima dream ticket, ultimately believing that this dynamic duo is borne upon an inherent undying idealism that will heal the broken places, that will rectify the ancient wrongs, that will mend the wounds of old, and God’s willing, pull our nation out of the present variegated challenges.

The journey ahead will be tough and tasking. There will be nay-sayers and malignant agents of envy and recidivism. There will be provocateurs of ruin pretending salvaging emblems.

We are ready. We are proven, steadfast, focused and firm, unyielding in this patriotic grapple.

May God bless this nation. May God bless the historic Ticket of Tinubu-Shettima. May God bless you all.

– Prince Uthman Shodipe-Dosunmu
– National Coordinator
– The Patriots Roundtable, Independent Support Group for Tinubu -Shettima Presidential Ticket.
– Monday September 19th, 2021.


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