The fall of PDP and the lessons, by Joe Igbokwe


I owe Nigerians a book on The Fall of PDP. In the past 10 years, I have been collecting materials on the subject matter knowing that PDP will go down one day. I have read extensively on the subject matter and as a participant, I saw it all and I witnessed all the drama. The fall of PDP in Nigeria is a big story and a 1,000 page book will not be enough to tell the full story. In the fullness of time, Nigerians will know how arrogance, impunity, greed, corruption, brigandage, ethnic politics, religious politics, abuse of power, selfishness, foolishness, mediocrity, laziness, political irresponsibility, power without responsibility, politics without principle, incompetence, illiteracy, etc led to the fall of the self-acclaimed biggest party in Africa.
Without grace, without honour, without integrity, PDP leaders and their cronies carelessly and hopelessly released cartons of information and materials that not only helped to nail their party but also helped historians to return to their studies to document history for posterity and generations yet unborn.
Shortly after the Presidential and Governorship elections, PDP started crying too early that APC is planning to vitiate their little gains in the just concluded elections. On one hand they tell the world that they will bounce back and in another, they tell the same world that APC wants to create a one party state. How are the mighty fallen? Is this not the party that claimed they will rule Nigeria for 60years? Chief Ogbulafor, a former PDP Chairman who made that statement was the first to run to APC, pleading to be admitted into the fold. A lot of them without shame, without honor, without hope have been knocking at the door of APC asking to be admitted but they have been told to go and rebuild their party, after all the drivers and movers of APC have been in opposition for 16 years now.
The world saw the defeat coming to PDP but their leaders, blinded by rapacious greed for power and inordinate ambition did not see the handwriting on the wall. The overlords in PDP thought that money, police, army, DSS and other Security personnel will do the normal hatchet job and return them to power to continue the looting of Nigeria. They were wrong. A lot of water has passed under the bridge and PDP is just on the other side of power, moaning, crying and wailing like a spoilt child that has just been deprived of his favourite lollipop.
PDP has nothing concrete to offer Nigeria after 16 years in power. Anything they touched turned to ashes. They could not delivered electric power to Nigerians, they could not provide security, they could not protect our common patrimony as we kept goats and yams together, they could not provide jobs to our youths, they could not build our decayed infrastructure and they could not build strong institutions as they concentrated in building themselves only. PDP took time to demolish Nigeria even with the providential windfall they harvested during their tenure. They left Nigeria thoroughly despoiled and wretched when their inglorious sixteen years tenure came to an end this year.
Before 2011 when crude oil sold for $38 per barrel, Nigeria saved nearly $50 billion in foreign reserves. From 2011 when crude oil sold for $110 per barrel our foreign reserves dropped to $32 billion. Now, where did all the money go to? One PDP loud mouth told me in Lagos that they have generated 25,000 MW but this is a lie from the pit of hell. Now, even if they have generated that much, our transmission capacity is still 7,500 mw. Today, Nigeria is groping in the worst ever darkness in our history as the power sector has virtually collapsed after sixteen years of PDP waste laying.
President Jonathan did not help matters. He could not have contested the 2015 presidential election having ruled Nigeria for six years, considering the circumstances under which he came to power. Jonathan did not realise that fighting Governor Amaechi of Rivers State will lead to his downfall. He needed Governor Amaechi to provide home support for him but he did not see it. The fight with Amaechi remains the greatest undoing that led to his defeat.
Charity begins at home. President Jonathan could not control his loud, arrogant and silly wife. Dame Patience Jonathan contributed 50% to what led to her husband’s fall by her actions and deeds. She was a disaster to the presidency. There was no control, no finesse, no carriage, no dignity, no respect for the exalted office and no grace. For the first time in the history of this country, an illiterate First Lady made mincemeat of the exalted office and helped in no uncertain term to burn bridges President GEJ would have used. And while she ravaged, President Jonathan kept embarrassingly mute and created the picture of a president that is controlled by his ill exposed and ill educated wife. Psychologists say it is the most advanced reverse psychology on display for six years.
I can go on and on to give you 20 other reasons why PDP failed but time and space would not permit me to do so.
I suggest that members of PDP should stop crying over spilled milk. They should roll up their sleeves and go to work twenty-four hours and seven days in a week to begin the process of rebuilding their battered and badly humiliated party. If it took APC sixteen years to defeat PDP it may take 30 years for PDP to unseat APC because they do not have the discipline, creativity, ideas, knowledge, capacity, capability, discipline, commonsense, courage, competence, determination and the zeal to pursue the business of opposition.
To help PDP, APC should close all its doors for PDP’s interlopers and gold diggers. We must compel them to go and build their party with all the money they have stolen. PDP must know that progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. I am looking forward to seeing the real men who will remain in PDP to rebuild the collapsed behemoth. I am waiting to see the real heroes in PDP who will stand the test of time like General Buhari, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Ogbonnaya Onu and others. I challenge PDP to prove us wrong that they can drill the deepest well to rebuild their collapsed house. A school of thought says it is more difficult to manage success than failure. I wish PDP well in managing this failure and I wish APC well in managing this success.
APC has a lot to learn from the fall of PDP. The trust Nigerians have reposed in APC means a call to duty, a call for due process, a call to orderliness, a call to good governance, a call to provide security and jobs. APC is likely to meet an empty treasury but the common sense revolution it kick-started will help them to use the power of ideas to raise funds for project. I have told colleagues that APC will remain in power for a long time in Nigeria not because of money, police, Army, DSS, SSS etc but because of hard work. APC will daze PDP for years in Nigeria with hard-work APC will make PDP to look foolish in matters of governance in Nigeria. APC will teach PDP how to manage success.

Joe Igbokwe,


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