TesKi, ManiX release ‘Rock With Me’


As an official launch song for their independent label, Respect The Art, RTA, music artiste, TesKi (real name – Olamide Kehinde) and artiste/producer, ManiX (real name – Kolawole Kehinde) release their debut single “Rock With Me”. A song that finds a way to fuse Amapiano elements with Drill basslines.

The lyrics display the great level of confidence the artistes have in their Art as TesKi sings on the chorus “…RTA we dey bring am oh, you no get choice but you just gats to” and ManiX enters with “rock with me you know I got it…”

The level at which they rate their craft doesn’t show in the music and lyrics alone but also in the creative rollout content they used in creating hype for the release, not really something we find artistes in the upcoming space doing a lot, using pictures, graphics/artworks and videos in bringing people into the world of a song.

The song was released on the 8th of May after being announced and promoted for almost a month.

Their label “Respect the Art” was inspired by the belief that music as an art form deserves more respect from both music creators and consumers/fans.

They believe creators need to make music from the heart, music they love and feel really passionate about and not fully cut out but minimize influence of external factors like commercial acceptance and public opinion on their creative process and consumers need to remove things like comparison and judgement from the fan culture and treat music like the sacred relative work of Art it is.

“Rock With Me” shows the vision of the label to an extent, the chorus says that they’ll win the hearts of people while staying true to themselves and embracing their originality. The lyrics touch on their confidence and determination but still makes sure that it is a fun listen.

Inspired by hunger for success, artiste insecurity and creative excellence. As their first official single, “Rock With Me” is to introduce themselves as artistes embracing themselves very confidently and asking people to accept their music, asking people to rock with them.

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