Kallo.ng to launch India-Hausa dubbed movies in October


Kallo.ng, a Hausa language movie streaming platform, will launch India-Hausa dubbed films on its service in October.

Founder of kallo.ng, Maijidda said, we are happy to announce on our streaming platform, Kallo.ng from October 14th. The objective is to feed our audience with what the are craving for . The India-Hausa dubbed movies would excite thousands of subscribers of our online film streaming service.

Ms Moddibo said the online movie service would bring latest India-Hausa films in series for its teeming subscribers.

She added that Hausa culture is not too far from Indian. They are lovers of entertainment and are addicted to Indian movies across all demographics and that makes Hausa people one of the largest viewers of Hausa movies. The viewing demand was pressing, so Kallo.ng is proving variety of entertaining series just with a press from your phone.

Kallo.ng is a Nigerian Hausa-language subscription streaming service based in Kano State.

Launched on November 26, 2021, it is the first streaming platform to offer programming solely in Hausa.

The platform is owned by Spacekraft Media Limited, which was founded November 2021.


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