Igangan Customs killings and demobilisation of democracy in Nigeria, by Taju Tijani


The Yoruba Global Alliance condemns in strong terms the recent invasion of Igangan town by armed men of the Nigeria Customs Services and its bloody aftermath that left a local Amotekun Commander and three other people dead.
This peaceful Ibarapa outpost has continued to bear an ugly sobriquet as a theatre of war between the local indigenes and the Fulani strangers in their midst.
We will recall that Mr Sunday Adeyemo, aka, Igboho Oosha, started his liberation agitation in Igangan when Fulani herdsmen held the town hostage and turned it into a killing field.
For months, an uneasy peace returned to the town, but that very peace has now been shattered by a new resurgence of lawlessness by armed agents of state that still harbour a score to settle with the people of the town. The Yoruba Global Alliance strongly disputed the account of the Customs Public Affairs Officer at the Federal Operations Unit Zone A, Theophilus Duniya, who, in a statement, highlighted that it was smugglers that launched the attack the moment they were sighted by customs officers conveying contraband goods in eight trucks.
“It has become lazily orthodox for agents of state to give specious defence to atrocities committed by armed, murderous members in their midst.
Nigeria is turning into a militarised nation where indiscriminate killing of Nigerians is becoming annus horribilis for General Buhari’s administration.
We now live under a government of merciless and unrelenting atrocities. This nation is tired of the continuous language of the dispossessed and oppressed under a regime that is fast becoming totalitarian in its modus operandi.”
The Yoruba Global Alliance insists that the high echelon of the Customs Services must fish out the killers of Igangan Amotekun commander and three others who lost their lives on that ignoble Friday raid. “If institutions are answerable to the people they serve, we need urgent answers beyond the platitudes of Mr Theophilus Duniya, who, at all costs will defend the indefensible.”
The Yoruba Global Alliance also commends the patriotic zeal of Emeritus Professor Banji Akintoye, the Ilana Omo Oodua leader, Sunday Adeyemo and 49 other Yoruba self-determination groups in their recent submission of documented atrocities committed against the Yoruba states of Ekiti, Oyo, Osun, Ondo, Ogun, Okun land in Kogi and Kwara under General Buhari’s watch to the International Criminal Court.
“Nigerians have watched in dismay how this country has morphed into a classic hubristic overreach within six years of APC-led administration. Within six years, General Buhari has been drawing primordial strength from his monopoly of state coercion and violence as we witnessed in the Lekki killings of protesters, the armed lockdown of the South East, kidnap of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the destruction of Mr Sunday Igboho’s residence along with the murder committed by the operatives of DSS.”
“Further, this government, aware that it is no longer electable again in Nigeria based on its dismal performance, is now jittery and looking for illegal means to demobilise democracy in Nigeria by making National Identification Number (NIN) compulsory, the carpet bombing of electronic transfer of results and the insistence and preferment of Mrs Lauretta Onochie as a National Electoral Commissioner. The NIN has been enmeshed in controversy as it is freely given to foreign Fulani in Northern Nigeria in readiness for massive vote rigging in the North. Though Mrs Onochie was rejected by the Senate, we are more curious of the aberrant desire of General Buhari in his Orwellian audacity to blatantly want to field a known loyalist.”
“Yoruba Global Alliance is of the opinion that Nigeria has been writing its blackest pages under General Buhari and the only solution is the peaceful dissolution of this contraption called Nigeria especially in such brutalising circumstances of insecurity, clampdown on mainstream and social media, state atrocities, Fulani herdsmen killings, bandit rampage, opaque electoral malpractices and widespread kidnappings of innocent Nigerians.”
“Bishop Matthew Kukah of the Sokoto Diocese has echoed and elevated this sad narrative by reporting General Buhari and the atrocities under his watch to the US Congress for serial human right violations against Christians in particular and Nigerians in general.” Our heart is with Bishop Kukah.
“Yoruba Global Alliance is vehemently in opposition to any future election without a complete shredding of the current 1999 constitution. We are of the opinion that it is a Satanic document meant to put Southern Nigerians in perpetual disadvantage and slavery. It encourages Fulani exceptionalism and advantages as we found in the die-hard like General Buhari – the architect of the bloody political, social, economic and moral anarchy Nigeria faces today.”
General Buhari has demobilised our democracy through his affinity with histrionics and his recent irrational statement that there is nothing to restructure in Nigeria. The YGA will continue in its unyielding advocacy for a freer and prosperous future for all constituent nationalities in Nigeria.

Taju Tijani, Director of Communications,
Yoruba Global Alliance


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