How Fiery Islamic Preacher Escape From Den Of Fundamentalists


How Fiery Islamic Preacher Escape From Den Of Fundamentalists

A Lagos based human rights lawyer, Mr. Niyi Adekanla, has sent a Save Our Souls, SOS message to well meaning Nigerians with human face to assist fiery Islamic preacher, Akeem Makinde Ajagunna, who was kidnapped, blindfolded and threatened for speaking against Islamic fundamentalists sometimes in 2018.

The lawyer said Ajagunna, who escaped by a whisker from the den of religious fundamentals, understand to be sympathetic to Boko Haram sect, during the crisis that engulfed Sango Ota area of Ogun state in March, 2018, has been living in perpetual fear since the incidence.

In a press statement made available to newsmen in his office in Ikeja Lagos, he said the pathetic story of Akeem Ajagunna is worthy of assistance by a right thinking person.

According to him, the religious fundamentalists has since also vowed to make life a living hell for his wife, Mrs Doris Isioma Ajagunna and his three children: Khalil Feranmi Ajagunna, Faridat Fadeke Ajagunna and Faaiz Fola Ajagunna.

The lawyer who declined to name the location of Akeem and his family for now said: “The level of insecurity in Nigeria has become unbearable to the extent that people of the same religious faith can not say the truth again.

“Prior to the ordeal of Akeem Makinde Ajagunna in the hands of religious fundamentalists of Boko Haram. He had a good job and life before he was cruelly attacked. He joined Frieslandcampina Wamco Nigeria Plc in June 2002 as a Clerk in Finance and Accounts, and later promoted to the position of Assets Manager. He was later promoted to the position of Production Accountant under Finance and Account Department.

“He is a Muslim by birth, married to a Christian wife and they have been living happily with their children. He is a dutiful Muslim, who practice his religion without hurting anybody. He also had a leader (Imam) in Oluwole Mosque, Ogba, Lagos State, very close to his office, who always encourage him and others to preach the words of Allah, based on Islam as a religion of peace and morality.

“It was during one of his preachings, where he preached against killings in Islam by Boko Haram/fundamentalists that angered them at Oluwole Mosque, Ogba, Lagos State. His preaching that Islam never support killing over religion issue led to his abduction on 14th March, 2018, after closing from office by the religion fundamentalists.

“It is a fact that abduction of Akeem Makinde Ajagunna was violently done. Within 10 minutes of leaving his office, he was double crossed, dragged out of his car, blindfolded, collected all his cellphones and put inside his attackers’ van.

“Thereafter, he was taken to unknown destination where he was tied to a tree and a Holy Quran was given to him to swear that he will never speak against Boko Haram again. After this, they uncovered his face and showed him a camera on how his wife and children were threatened with gun. At this juncture, he broke down in tears and agreed to abide by what they told him.

“He regained his freedom when his abductors heard footsteps of some people, they flee the scene and he walked for hours before he could find a good Samaritan who took him and used cellphone to call his brother who reported the incidence at the police station.

“It was fear and trauma that made him and his family to leave his place of abode when the incident happened to Ibadan the capital of Oyo state. Since he was attacked, he has been receiving strange threat calls and he has been living in perpetual fear with his family. It is sad that Nigeria police can not guarantee his safety as many people have lost their life to religious extremists. There were unresolved religious killings under the current government across states in the country, ” he said.


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