Fayose: Buhari’s Chatham House event bought


Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State has said that the All
Progressives Congress (APC) must apologise for lying to Nigerians on the health status of its presidential candidate, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari, using pictures taken in Transcop Hilton, Abuja and claming that the pictures were taken in London.
Fayose said: “It was interesting that the loquacious APC spokesperson, Lai Mohammed, could develop a cold feet and muscle pull in his mouth such that he suddenly realised that he could not join issues with Fayose.”
In a statement by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, Fayose said: “The Chatham House one-hour event scheduled for Thursday was paid for by the APC with the hope that Buhari will be well enough to appear in public briefly by Thursday.
“The Event Contact person, Chris Vandome, confirmed via phone call that the event was ‘Jointly Sponsored’ by the APC and Chatham House.”
The governor said: “Having lied so brazenly that Buhari granted interview in London, using pictures taken in Transcop Hilton, Abuja, it is obvious that the APC is a party of deceitful people that should not be taken seriously by Nigerians. If APC says that today is Tuesday, Nigerians should check calender to be sure.”
He hailed The Guardian newspaper for being honourable enough to publish an apology on Monday, on the false picture it used on Sunday, asking: “When is APC going to be humble enough to apologise to Nigerians?”
“Hopefully, the APC expects to bombard Nigerians with pictures of Buhari’s one-hour appearance in Chatham House on Friday, using that to cover up the real reasons he travelled to the United Kingdom.
“However, we expect them to publish pictures of Buhari’s departure from the Abuja Airport, Buhari queuing at the Airport to board his flight as they claimed, Buhari being interviewed by journalists at the Airport, Buhari boarding his flight and waving at those who followed him to the Airport and Buhari being welcomed at the Airport in London.
“If actually Buhari travelled out of Nigeria under a normal condition, could he have passed through the Abuja Airport without any of the Aviation Journalists interviewing him?
“So, those covering up Buhari’s health issue should know that his paid appearance at Chatham House on Thursday will not do the PR they are expecting. Rather, it will raise further questions which they can only answer by saying the truth and apologising for the lies they told,” the governor said.


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