APGA: PDP, Peter Obi rigged our candidates in South-East


We totally condemn attempts by the PDP Presidential campaign, Mr. Peter Obi, and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Anambra State, the South-East, North-Central and other geographical zones of Nigeria to manipulate the Nigerian Senatorial and House of Representatives Elections.
It is our contention that the Senatorial Election results announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) particularly in Anambra State, were pre-written. A cursory look at the announced results indicate a pattern which may not be ignored. Here, the PDP candidates, particularly in the three Anambra senatorial zones, all polled above a hundred and something thousand votes, while the APGA candidates all polled in the seventy thousands. Such visible and outright pettiness!
APGA regrets that while the PDP was losing its Electoral deposit in other states of the Nigerian Federation, it, however, found time to rig and win elections in places where it barely held any campaign rallies, particularly the South-East. This is pure daylight robbery.
APGA warns that this Peter Obi myopic playbook – TRY TO LOOK STRONG AT HOME WHILE HAVING NO CLUE OF WHAT’s GOING ON ELSEWHERE, will fail. We, in these parts of Nigeria, have seen it before, and it never boded well for our part of Nigeria.
APGA will recall that in 1983, the South-East NPN machine led by then Vice-president Alex Ekwueme, attempted to sweep all the Southern Nigeria states, displacing the then local favourite NPP, despite electoral opinion and votes to the contrary. Regardless of Ekwueme’s muscled presentation to the Northern-dominated NPN hierarchy, Alex Ekwueme was still swept out of office three months later, and the South-East suffered under different dictatorships initiated by the Buhari junta for the next 16 years. Ekwueme’s loyalty meant little then, and nothing now. That lesson is till very warm, and is not easily forgotten by the South-East electorate. Unfortunately, a certain Peter Obi learnt nothing!
We warn that any attempt to subdue the votes of the South-East, will fail. As it always has. This will be no different.
This attempt at a repeat performance by Peter Obi and his cohorts to manipulate and declare local elections in favour of very unpopular PDP candidates, in a bid to show their allegiance to the ruling party machine will fail woefully. APGA calls for a total rejection of the results and the candidates. They represent nobody but their own calculating clique, and have no plans for the South-East electorate at-large.
We, at the ALL PROGRESSIVES GRAND ALLIANCE (APGA), will warn the PDP, Peter Obi, and all other related PDP machinery that we will not let these false results stand. They are a disgrace to our electorate in the South-East. The APGA electorates’ vote must stand, and their voices heard.
APGA will mobilise all legal methods possible to make the above possible, and dispossess these electoral marauders.
Because at the APGA, we stand by our brothers’ and sisters’ votes, until they are meritoriously announced.

Chief Okwukwe Ibiam,
National Publicity Secretary,


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