Air India flight returns after ‘bat passenger’ creates panic in cabin


An Air India flight bound for the United States (U.S.) was forced to return to New Delhi after a bat flew through the cabin, it was reported on Saturday.
Videos that have gone viral on Indian social sites showed crew and passengers reacting with shock and panic at finding the creature flying around in the Boeing 737.
Air India flight returns after 'bat passenger' creates panic in cabin
The flight left Delhi for Newark early Thursday as scheduled but the bat was spotted onboard after about an hour in mid-air, the ANI news agency reported.
The flight captain then decided to take the plane back to base.
Indian civil aviation officials said the flight returned to Delhi after the “local standby emergency’’ was declared.
The aircraft was grounded and fumigation was carried out.
The bat was found dead inside the plane in the business class area, the officials told ANI.
The report said the airline’s flight safety department will be carrying out a detailed investigation.
However, Air India in its preliminary report said possibilities of unwanted mammal” came from third party vehicles like those used for catering.
Following the commotion, the passengers were shifted to another plane which landed in Newark with some delays, the report said.


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