NLC to el-Rufai: Your sadistic agenda will fail


Mother of All Rallies in Kaduna

We have credible information that the Governor of Kaduna State has directed the Sole Administrators in the 21 local governments in the state to use the resources of the local governments to mobilise thugs to Kaduna metropolis to demonstrate in support of his obnoxious policy on the mass sack of workers.

We at the Nigeria Labour Congress condemn the use of public funds for the pursuit of nihilistic and sadistic agenda. It is criminal and goes against the grain of civilised behaviour and transparency.

It is equally the height of hypocrisy, impunity, moral torpitude and self-righteousness.

We advise the Governor to put this money to more fruitful or beneficial use of Kaduna State people instead of this brazen profligacy.

We equally advise the youths in the state not to allow themselves to be used by the Governor as it is the jobs of their parents that are being put on the line.

We would want to make the point that no amount of money can make up for the means of livelihood of their parents or guardians; thus they should shun this inducement.

On our part, we would want to sound a note of caution to the Governor. After our Wednesday rally, we had thought he had seen the hand writing on the wall….the overwhelming resentment against his unpopular and self-serving policies.

His resolve to rent youths/crowds with scarce public funds ( from the local governments where he has created starvation, unemployment and want), instead of tactical withdrawal, clearly suggests how far gone he is on a mission of self-immolation as well as on a mission to destroy careers, means of livelihood and homes.

We want to re-assure him we will resist his malevolent, inhuman and unlawful policies with all the lawful means available to us.

Accordingly, he should be ready to keep a date with us in a mother of all rallies as we mobilise workers, pensioners, and our civil society allies across the country to the state.

It is a date we intend to keep with him except he advises himself wisely.

Comrade Ayuba Wabba, mni



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