Alleged N118m loan: My story, by Prophet Ayorinde, insists ‘I’m not owing Smartlink’


The General Overseer – Founder of World Evangelism Incorporated (WEBIC), Prophet Samson Ayorinde, has put a lie to an online report that he is owing Smartlink Property Management and Investment Services a whopping N118 million.
Ayorinde said that in 2016, he borrowed N30 million from the company for his church’s extension.
The facility, he said, had been fully paid, but to his surprise, the online report claimed he is owing Smartlink N118 million
He said under the agreement, no third party should be involved and he issued some postdated cheques to offset the loan within 90 days.
Then, he issued a N45 million cheque to cover cost and charges as a collateral security.
“It was agreed by both parties that the postdated cheques will not be presented for payment without my consent. I have been dealing with Smartlink since 2013 and all payments had been made without any problem”.
But after taking the N30 million loan in August 2016, he took ill in November of that year and had to travel abroad for medical treatment.
“At that point, I instructed the church to write Smartlink, notifying them of my ill-health, inability to service the loan and a request to stop further presentation of the cheques for payment. “The letter was acknowledged by the company on October 16, 2016,” he said. According to him, the company ignored his letter and started charging interest on the loan.
“To my surprise, I received a petition by Smartlink from the Lagos State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCID) that I issued dud cheques. Sponsors of the petition are Mrs. Kemi Adesanya and Mr. Oludare Amos Aturamu. To avoid further intimidation, harassment and arrest by the police, he and the church trustees had to sue Smartlink, Mrs. Adesanya, Mr. Aturamu, Commissioner of Police, his deputy in charge of SCID, Assistant Commissioner of Police, SCID and Superintendent Aminu, also of SCID to enforce his fundamental human rights.
The suit is before a Lagos State High Court sitting in Ikeja.
“Hearing in the case was fixed for June 21, 2018. To my surprise, the company went online with a report that I defrauded it”.
Ayorinde also expressed his worry about some alleged shady deals by Smartlink in the loan transaction.
These are that:
“The cheques that were dated October 19, 2016 were presented for payment on April 4, 2017, more than the stipulated six months for their validity in disregard to the letter stopping payment;
“A letter dated Januray 29, 2018 written to the mediator by Smartlink, requesting for N49 million as interest on the loan, an action that is contrary to the claims of N111 million on the purported dud cheques”.
In Ayorinde’s statement to the police, he had deposited N45 million as guarantee and not N111 million. Smartlink even wrote the cheques without his knowledge.
His lawyers have discovered that an affidavit sworn to by Smartlink were allegedly forged with the name, handwriting and Ayorinde’s signature on it.
Lastly, it was discovered that the forged letter and affidavit were not presented to the police in the course of investigation or on various correspondences between the parties since 2016.
The WEBIC G.O. said with this report, he wants to clear his name and set the records straight.


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